Following is a list of projects that I have worked on.


CycleUShare is an open bicycle sharing system. It is designed to allow registered users to rent regular and electric bicycles, and is modular in nature, so that an institution wishing to create their own version may configure the system without needing to recreate it from scratch. My role involves developing the Java software that runs on the kiosks.


24Cleaners is a private project to construct a system that will allow members to drop their laundry off at kiosks, and pick it up once it has been washed, no more than 24 hours later. Its development involves C#, PHP, and RFID transactions. is a website I made in my spare time to learn how to use AWS, and I have gradually added more and more features for the sake of learning. It now has an API allowing other applications (such as the C++ example included) to use the service, and is accessible through Tor should privacy be a concern. I’d love to answer any questions about the service, as I’ve invested quite a bit of time into it. is a website I made to learn how to use Laravel. It’s very basic in functionality, and I want to emphasize that it did not take a lot of work - all of the heavy lifting like authentication, database management, and validation is done by Laravel. This was fun!